Stories That Matter

People Need Heroes

Train like a real life superhero. Win respect for your neighborhood. And fight for a cause you care about.

The Battle of Bytown

After Ottawa is taken hostage by a cybernetic cult known as SPEAR, 16 local prisoners must survive a mind-bending super soldier experiment inside the OPTICON where every victory drives you closer to insanity.

Take Back the City

Enter the OPTICON

The odds are not great. The enemy has bigger weapons, and more of them.

The country is divided. Ottawa has all but fallen. Only a few pockets of resistance are left.

You’re the only shot we have. The people need a hero.

Stop World War 3

Code Wars is a massive planetary epic where characters from around the world must team up in a desperate attempt to stop humanity from destroying itself.

The series finale will signal a massive cultural reset redistributing ‘soft power’ across the globe so kids from every country in the world have heroes they can actually claim as their own.

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